Emily and Chris: Married

I wasn’t on official photographer duty this past weekend, but why not bring your camera along with to you a friends’ wedding just in case something awesome happens? I brought just the 5d2 with the attached 50 1.4 to the Newport Yachting Center to try and see how far I could push the ISO, without the aid of a flash, or off camera strobes to bring up the light levels artificially. The last image you see above was shot at ISO 12800! I’m very pleased at what I see this camera produce at such low light levels, but rest assured, I’ll still be bringing my lights with me in the future. Thanks Em and Chris, you’re wedding was wonderful – thanks for putting on such a great party!

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  1. Julie Beck says:

    amazing photos…just saw that you followed me on twitter and realize you were in rhode island too! i check out your website and I have to say you have some phenomenal photos!!!

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