Destino: Band Promo Session

I’ve had the pleasure over the past couple of weeks to photograph a great Portuguese band based out of the Rhode Island area called Destino. I caught up with them the other night for a great session in downtown Providence with a stop in the down-city area, and then over to the waterfront. These guys are great – a real tight band with great music. I’ve always had a love of live music of any sort. I can’t even hold it against them that I can’t understand the words that they sing; their music is great. Maybe they’ll release a special album for us non-Portuguese speakers someday. :) They recently rocked a cool outdoor festival in Providence complete with dancing and amazing smelling food all around. Thanks a ton, guys (and girl!) for a couple of great performances and thanks for rockin’ the portrait session! Best of luck to you!

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24 Responses to “Destino: Band Promo Session”

  1. Peter Costa says:

    Brad, the pleasure was all ours! Your shots are amazing! Your intuitiveness behind the camera is uncanny and we almost want to be selfish and keep you a secret but, of course, we will not. We will highly recommend you to family, friends and fans alike! We look forward to the next shoot!


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