The Value of a Second Shooter at Your Wedding

I wanted to post a few words about the value of having a second shooter alongside the main photographer at your wedding. Below are some images that I shot, as a second shooter for the talented James Hazelwood, at a recent wedding in Stonington, CT. As the main photographer, as much as you wish you could be in two places at once, you cannot. And since the bride and groom often get ready for their wedding in two different areas, it can become a tough balancing act for main photographer to handle. Having a second shooter ensures that you can capture the important moments from each location without having to worry about missing something at the other.

Here are some images that I captured while in the men’s getting ready area. 

Also, during the ceremony, the second shooter will take pictures from complimentary angles that the main photographer may not be able to cover at the key moments.

He or she will get alternate angles during formals, as well as some non-standard shots, details, and other shots that the main photographer cannot because of time contraints throughout the evening.

I include a second photographer in all my wedding packages because I feel that it’s important to capture as many moments as possible that go on throughout the wedding day.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    What does it mean to have the Big Dipper hanging over your wedding tent??

  2. Mrs. Blumenbaum says:

    Terrific, Brad, just terrific. You are one talented guy!

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