A Day in NYC

I spent a day last week walking around New York City with a good friend and fellow wedding photographer, Dave Field. There was no assignment, no client, no real plan other than to take in the city sights and capture what we hoped would be some interesting images. We started in Midtown Manhattan, then up to Central Park and Columbus Circle. From there, we travelled down to Chinatown. It’s such a sensory experience there, with the smells of fresh fish (some of which was still flopping around in the bins it was so fresh), the colors of the street level stores selling things from dried mushrooms to children’s toys in the same storefront. We hopped back over to Queens where the day started and the car was parked and met up with my brother for some dinner and a frosty brew to end the day.
All in all, I had a great day. It’s a good feeling to get out and shoot for yourself, whether you’re a professional photographer, or an amateur who just likes to take pictures with your point and shoot camera. There was no schedule, no rules, and no expectation of greatness at the end of the shoot – and that’s what made the day so fun.
The above photographs are just a sampling of what I took last week in NYC. To see the rest of the set, please become a fan of Brad Smith Photography on facebook at
Take your camera out – pro or amateur – and take some pictures!

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