Kristin & Daryl: Married

Kristin and Daryl were married on a picture perfect day at Bittersweet Farm over in Westport, Massachusetts. Bittersweet Farm is a gorgeous piece of land tucked away in a quiet corner of Massachusetts. Beautiful grounds and a fantastic hall inside made it the perfect place for Kristin and Daryl to tie the knot!

We started over at the Hampton Inn with Kristin and the ladies while they were finishing preparing for the big day, then arrived at the Farm for some bridal portraits and some images of Kristin with all her girls. The ceremony began just as the sunlight was streaking over the tree tops, providing for a creamy, warm light for the processional. It was a very moving ceremony, with Kristin and Daryl reciting their personalized vows to each other.

After the ceremony, we took some family portraits in the fading sunlight with enough light left in the sky for some awesome images around the property with just Kristin and Daryl. Then they went inside for an evening of dinner and dancing. It all ended with fireworks outside under the stars. What a great night! Thanks so much, Kristin and Daryl, for inviting me to share in such a wonderful day!

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  1. Doug says:

    The black and white vertical profile shot. Winner winner chicken dinner. Great photo. Great couple.

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