Melissa & David: Married

Melissa and David were married this past weekend at the always-wonderful Glen Manor House in Portsmouth, RI. My good friend, Dave, was my second photographer for the day. It was the perfect day for a wedding, with the weather sunny and comfortable and the grounds looking fantastic. Glen Manor really does a nice job making things as perfect as possible for their couples!

Everything happened right on site – and because of that – we had plenty of time for family portraits, bridal party portraits, and photographs with just Melissa and David. They ended the evening with something I have never seen and can safely say I’ll never see again – A bride with a potato gun. A wedding gift from her uncle, she fired it off over the bay to test it out as the sun went down.

These are just a few of my favorite images.

It was a great day – and thanks so much to Melissa and David for having me there to celebrate their marriage!

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