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Before & After

Friday, December 31st, 2010

Here’s a quick glimpse into an image of mine before editing and then again after being edited. I thought it could be interesting for others to see how the process works. Maybe not. Let me know either way.

First, I import all the images from the day into Lightroom, then I typically tag all the images that I think are usable, and start to lightly edit them. After the first sweep, I go back through to refine them a bit each time to ensure continuity between all the images from each portion of the wedding day. Once I’ve narrowed the image set down to a manageable amount, I’ll look at each image a little closer and spend some time making it as refined as possible.

This image is from Finnuala and Scott’s wedding back in October. I liked the image initially, but I was bothered by the slivers of sky to the left and right of the bell tower they were standing on. I felt the image would have been stronger were the sky not in it. I liked the look that they were giving each other, and the wind blowing her hair and dress really added a bit of motion to the image that I liked. I first cropped the image to remove the slivers of sky, then straightened the lines using Photoshop. I added a touch of vintage processing, which I only apply in a very small percentage of my images. I really try to let the image stand on it’s own, but I thought this particular one benefited from the vintage processing. And finally, I introduced a bit of blur on the top and the bottom of the frame to draw the eye to the center where the bridge and groom are standing. The whole image is stronger now, in my opinion.

Should I do more posts like this in the future? Let me know in the comments below.

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The Coldest Day Yet

Thursday, December 16th, 2010

Above: A fun one. :)

I traveled up to Boston last week with two other fantastic photographers, Dave Field and Robyn Ivy, for the sole purpose of having a little fun and to stretch the creative muscle. We spent some time simply walking around the city, then met Louisa – our model – for some more shots around the area. The weather didn’t make it easy, however, as it was the coldest day since last winter. The city winds didn’t help it feel any warmer, but Louisa was a trooper, and we were able to get some great shots. These were just a few from the day. Below are a few fun images of Dave and Robyn working.

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Kara & Nick: Married

Friday, December 3rd, 2010

(The above image was taken by my fantastic second shooter, Seth)

My last wedding of the season ended on a high note!

Kara and Nick were married on a gorgeous but chilly day last week, and had their reception at one of my favorite places, The Towers. I held my own wedding reception there several years ago! The day went off without a hitch thanks to Jaime Nelson of Eventfully Planned. I met the ladies while hair and makeup were still finishing up, and then went to Peace Dale Congregational Church for the ceremony.

Formals were swift due to the dropping temperature and the fading sunlight – but we were able to get some great photographs in and around the Towers. The Towers were decorated by Weedweavers, and the music and fantastic up-lighting was expertly carried out by Jason Citrone of Music Mixers.

It was a wonderful evening! Thank you Kara & Nick for inviting me to be part of your big day! These are just a few of my favorites. For many more images, please visit my facebook business page, and become a fan!

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Tracy & Chris: Engaged

Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

I traveled up to Boston for my last engagement session of the year. I met Tracy and Chris at the Boston Common on a very windy day-before-thanksgiving. I had such a fun time walking around the park, as well as exploring some of the Beacon Hill neighborhood. We found such cool places to duck out of the wind and cold. That area provides some amazing backdrops for pictures! Here’s just a few of my favorites from the afternoon.

We’ll end this post with a few funny ones. We were shooting in an tiny alley in Beacon Hill and found this tiny door. We thought it’d be fun to cram them right in there and take an offbeat picture.

Secondly, on our last shot of the day, we tried something a little different. I tried to get a few ‘zoolander’ poses out of Tracy and Chris. It seems, however, that they couldn’t both keep a straight face at the same time. Here, Chris is cracking up, while Tracy rocks the model pose.

Thanks for being such good sports, guys! Looking forward to next summer!

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