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Let’s Connect On Facebook

Wednesday, January 19th, 2011

I know that a lot of you that read this blog also ‘like’ my business page on Facebook, but in the off chance that you do not, please take this opportunity to connect with me on facebook! It’s just another way to stay in touch in this crazy, interconnected world we live in. Facebook allows for easier discussion about the images you see here on the blog, which is nice. You’re also free to ask any questions you may have there too, between myself and the other people that view the page each day, you’re sure to get an answer!

Thanks for reading this blog – stay tuned for a lot of new images coming soon as the 2011 heats up!

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Before & After

Monday, January 17th, 2011

Here’s another image for the before & after series. This one was taken at Jenna & Brian’s Engagement Session this past summer. They’re getting married this coming June!

This image is one I liked right out of the camera, but I really felt like it could benefit from some added punch. I liked the quietness of the picture, I feel like it was really a moment between Jenna and Brian, where they forgot they were being photographed. The day was threatening rain, and the clouds were gearing up to produce a nice summer storm. The original image really didn’t convey the look and mood on the beach, so I started by punching up the contrast to bring out the detail in the clouds. I then cooled down the color balance of the image away from my usual warm tones, bringing in the mood even a little more.

I then took the image into Photoshop where I created a bit of blur on the left and right of the couple, to focus the eyes to where the couple is walking. Back in Lightroom, I crunched the blacks a little and added a slight coolish vignette to the entire image before exporting to a jpg. That day the clouds were ominous, and the wind was picking up. I like that the edited version of this image looks and feels like it did that day on the beach.

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Second Shooting

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

If I am not scheduled to photograph a wedding of my own, I’ll often take a position as a second shooter for one of a few other local photographers that I am friendly with. These photographers are the same photographers that will second shoot for me at my weddings. For me, it’s a great way to see weddings a little bit differently and to shoot without all the pressure of being the lead photographer. It’s quite a bit different acting as second photographer. Often the second photographer will spend the time with the groom getting ready rather than the bride. The lead photographer always takes precedence as far as their shooting position. It’s the second shooter’s job to be out of the lead’s shot, as well as to get supplementary images that compliment the lead shooter, instead of copy.

I do several of these each season, and i enjoy working in this capacity with other photographers. It allows us to see how each other works on the wedding day, and we also engage in a little friendly competition throughout the day as well. I think that the friendly competition is only a good thing for the couple getting married because they get better images out of it.

These images were just a few of my favorites from last season second shooting for other photographers.

The above images are my images, but were shot under the main shooter at their own weddings. I am posting these here with permission from the other photographers.

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