Aruba Steve’s: Open

Aruba Steve’s is a brand new bar right in Downcity Providence. It’s in a great spot right on the corner of Dorrance and Weybosset Streets. It opened just a few weeks ago and already is proving to be a warm little spot for a tropical drink or frosty beer, even in the recent cold snap we’re in that we’ve been calling Winter. Aruba Steve’s is owned by a friend of mine, Steve, who has been working hard to make it a fantastic, welcoming downtown bar.

I recently paid them a visit and took some images of the lively bar, on a night where an acoustic guitarist played by the front windows and tropical drinks were being served to many of the happy patrons. I spent some time photographing a few of Aruba Steve’s food and drink offerings, then when the music started, photographed the musicians and tried to capture some of the ambiance inside the bar.

Thanks, Steve, for being a gracious host, and I’ll be back! You’ve created a cool little taste of the tropics in Downcity Providence. Keep up the good work!

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2 Responses to “Aruba Steve’s: Open”

  1. James says:

    Hey I know that woman singer.

    Nice series.

    And A great place to go.

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