Playing w/ A Studio Setup

Studio setups isn’t something that I come across every day, but it’s something I’d been meaning to revisit in the off season. Just about all of my work is done on location, whether it be weddings, portraits, or senior sessions. But in an effort to never stop learning and developing my craft, I took some time to play with a studio setup for a bit last week.

I photographed alongside my friend, Robyn, as we lit our model, Monica and tested various setups from dramatic and hard, to soft and forgiving. These are just a few of the ones I liked from the session.

I’m not going to give up looking for unique locations for most of my shoots, but it’s something I felt like I needed to be familiar with as a photographer. I would love to hear your thoughts – do you prefer on-location or studio backdrops? How would you want to be photographed?

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3 Responses to “Playing w/ A Studio Setup”

  1. aaaaah! Crows feet! I know Light Room can fix that! AHHHHH! lol.

  2. James says:

    Did you really shoot that last one with Medium format film? ;0)

  3. brad says:

    No sir, a photoshop trick only. Just playing with old borders. Nice, though, right?

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