PVD Street Studio

I stepped out of my comfort zone yesterday. Fellow wedding photographer James Hazelwood and I ventured up to Providence to a busy street corner on what turned out to be one of the warmest days in months! It was a technically simple shoot – just a 50mm lens and a white backdrop – but it was difficult in other ways.

We set up our white backdrop right outside Aruba Steve’s bar on the corner of Dorrance and Weybosset. We each took a couple of test shots to determine our exposure values and we were ready to go. What followed was a lesson in rejection, a lesson in learning how to speak to strangers (especially for me, who rarely approaches people I don’t know) and a lesson in getting people comfortable within a matter of seconds. Usually, during a normal portrait session, there’s time factored in at the beginning of the shoot to warm up to each other a bit, with the Street Studio, there was none of that. It was fast paced and remarkable simple once we found a willing subject. Many people asked us, “What is this for?” – to which we replied, “Just for fun.” Others asked, “How much will this cost me?” – obviously, it cost them nothing.

It was a great afternoon, and I’m real happy with the way these images came out. If you feel up for it, please check out the whole gallery of my images by clicking on the image below.

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