New Products for 2011

It’s so important to print the pictures you love.

We seem to be stuck in this sad rut this day in age where we generate tons of images with our digital cameras, but we never seem to print many of those images. I’m as guilty as any, although I’m trying to be better about printing the pictures I love.

It is so important to print the pictures that are made during your wedding day, engagement session, or family session. It all goes back to the basic reason why you hire a professional photographer in the first place – to preserve memories for years to come. If in years to come, you aren’t able to open a CD on your computer (remember 5 1/4″ floppies?) then what value do those images have? The point is, you’ve got to print your pictures to fully enjoy them. Make large prints, put them on your walls and display them proudly! It’s a peek into a moment in your life the way it is right now.

I’m excited to share a few new printed products that I’m offering in 2011 with you.

The first isn’t a new product at all, but one I’ve never shown on the blog. The canvas gallery wraps are a wonderful way to display your images. It’s an art piece out of the box, and looks great on the wall framed or unframed. I prefer them unframed – they just pop off the walls. The canvas gallery wraps are made up of beautiful high quality printing directly onto canvas then stretched around a 1.5” wooden frame. It rivals the best art. They come ready to hang.

These bamboo mounted prints are the newest addition to our line of mounting materials. They are made from carbonized vertical grain bamboo, bamboo panels are a sustainable, FSC certified material. With a pre-drilled keyhole on the back, Bamboo panels are ready to hang as soon as you receive them. Bamboo Panels are 3/4” thick. Ask to see a sample, they are stunning!

High quality printing directly onto sheet metal! These are cutting edge and will make your images pop off the wall like nothing else will! The images are stunning and really shine with engagement session images as well as senior portraits. Ask to see a sample.

If you’ve already done a session with me and haven’t ordered prints yet, now is the time! There are some really fantastic ways to print your art, there really is no better time. If you haven’t yet done a session with me, what are you waiting for? Email me today at to set up an appointment!

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