Before & After

Here’s another look at a before and after image. This image was taken the other day at Ashley and Kyle’s Engagement Session. I started by changing the perspective a little bit. I suppose I didn’t notice it as I took the picture, otherwise I would have fixed it before pressing the shutter. If you look at the panels on the garage door, they’re not square within the frame. It’s maybe a little ‘thing’ I have about lines being straight, but I really feel like either they’re straight or they’re not, and when it’s this close, I feel as though I have to fix it to make it work.

I brought the image into Photoshop and removed the scratch on the door that ran into Ashley’s face because I thought it was a tad distracting. Then I tweaked the color of the garage door a bit to be a little more blue, and a little more dramatic than the actual color. To finish the image, I applied a vignette to draw the eye towards Ashley and Kyle. The final image (in my eyes) is far more dramatic than the original.

What do you think?

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  1. Jenn C says:

    The changes take it from being a nice picture to being a wall-worthy photograph. I especially like the deep blue. Nice!

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