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Colleen & Marc: Engaged

Friday, July 15th, 2011

I spent some time photographing Colleen and Marc last week out at their beach house on Cape Cod. They are getting married next summer in Massachusetts. I know Colleen from (way) back in college – she is good friends with an old college roommate and his wife. It was great to reconnect after a few years!

I left Providence on a 90+ degree day and arrived on the Cape to an 80 degree, windy afternoon. It’s so much fun exploring an area I’ve never shot in or around, everything is fresh and new. We stumbled upon a near-empty strip mall with some neat colors and textures to shoot against. I had a great time – it’s always so nice getting to know the future bride and groom a little better while also capturing some great images!

Thanks Colleen and Marc for having me down and showing me around!

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Before & After

Sunday, July 10th, 2011

I wanted to post another before & after image today. This one was taken a few weeks ago at the Aldrich Mansion in Warwick at Jenna & Brian’s wedding. It was during the dinner service – I had already warned them that I would try and convince them to take a few images once the light was almost drained from the sky. Jenna and Brian agreed to step outside for a few minutes, and those few minutes ended up being some of my favorite images from the wedding day.

The image below needed some tweaking out of the camera. Although it was pretty darn close color-wise.

My second shooter, Dave was standing to my right holding a small speedlight on a boom, and in order for me to get the centered composition (and the lighting) that I wanted, I had to include him and the boom in the frame. I assumed Jenna and Brian would appreciate me taking my second shooter out of the frame. I patched up the sky and facade of the Aldrich to remove Dave from the image. Going a step further, I also took the wedding guests that were hanging out on the patio out of the image. It’s not that I didn’t want them there, (really!) but the image is a quiet one, and I thought it benefited from the deletion. I removed the bar to the right of the doors on the patio, also the flare created by shooting towards the lights on the Aldrich, then patched everything up. It’s not perfect, I can still see some things i would tweak, but I think it’s much better than how it started.

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Kathryn & Plato: Engaged; Cape Cod, MA

Saturday, July 9th, 2011

I traveled down to Kathryn and Plato’s beach house last week on Cape Cod for their engagement session. We stopped at a beach that went on forever, a quintessential Cape Cod open marketplace, and finally, Kathryn and Plato’s dock for sunset. It was such a beautiful evening! (not to mention it was 15 degrees cooler on the Cape than in RI)

Kathryn and Plato are getting married later this month at Heritage Gardens in Sandwich, MA. I’m really looking forward to heading back out for their wedding. The Cape has such a vacation-like vibe to it. Even though I’ll be working, I’m sure I’ll still enjoy my time there.

Thanks for showing me around your town, guys! Looking forward to the 29th!

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Amanda & Dan: Engaged; Harkness State Park, CT

Thursday, July 7th, 2011

Here’s the third of three engagement sessions that I photographed this holiday week. Amanda and Dan found me through Amanda’s sister, Tracy, whose wedding I will be photographing next month at the New Haven Lawn Club.

I met Amanda and Dan at Harkness State Park in CT and we quickly found some gorgeous public gardens, old stone buildings, rolling greens, and a little slice of ocean front. It had a lot to offer in the way of beautiful backdrops to shoot against. We ended right at sunset on the beach and were treated to some amazing colors!

Thanks for coming out to shoot for a bit, Amanda and Dan! I’m looking forward to seeing you next month, then for your own wedding next May!

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Ryan & Eric: Engaged; Watch Hill, RI

Wednesday, July 6th, 2011

It was a week full of engagement sessions! I met Ryan and Eric the day before our session, and since they were only in town for a short time for the Fourth of July holiday, they wanted to do an engagement session before the headed back out to the Midwest where they both live and work. Ryan and Eric are getting married next year at the Misquamicut Country Club in Westerly. We spent some time strolling around the Watch Hill area, hitting the lighthouse, the shoreline, the carousel, the Ocean House, and points between. It was a great evening!

Ryan and Eric, thanks for taking the time out of your busy holiday weekend to walk around with me for a bit!

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Jesse & Ben: Engaged

Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

I spent some time last week with Jesse and Ben at Goddard Park in Warwick. Earlier this year I had the pleasure of photographing her aunt Sarah’s wedding in Barrington, RI. Jesse and Ben are getting married this August down in Narragansett. We had a beautiful summer evening to work with, and I think we took some great images. Goddard Park offers so many different shooting locations within its’ gates. It’s really a fantastic spot to photograph. I’m really looking forward to Jesse & Ben’s wedding later this summer at the Kinney Bungalow. They are a ton of fun – and I think it’s going to be a great day.

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Lin & Phiroat: Married; Alpine Country Club

Monday, July 4th, 2011

Above – a favorite of mine!

Lin & Phiroat were married last week at the New Apostolic Church in Providence. It was standing room only in the tiny church. The flower girls were perfect subjects all day. Lin and Phiroat then went to the Alpine Country Club in Cranston for pictures, and later, dinner & dancing. The country club really did a great job making the grounds look spectacular for pictures, and they also coordinated a smooth reception. It was a fun day! It was forecast to rain, but luckily it held off for them! Thanks for having me, guys!

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