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I wanted to post another before & after image today. This one was taken a few weeks ago at the Aldrich Mansion in Warwick at Jenna & Brian’s wedding. It was during the dinner service – I had already warned them that I would try and convince them to take a few images once the light was almost drained from the sky. Jenna and Brian agreed to step outside for a few minutes, and those few minutes ended up being some of my favorite images from the wedding day.

The image below needed some tweaking out of the camera. Although it was pretty darn close color-wise.

My second shooter, Dave was standing to my right holding a small speedlight on a boom, and in order for me to get the centered composition (and the lighting) that I wanted, I had to include him and the boom in the frame. I assumed Jenna and Brian would appreciate me taking my second shooter out of the frame. I patched up the sky and facade of the Aldrich to remove Dave from the image. Going a step further, I also took the wedding guests that were hanging out on the patio out of the image. It’s not that I didn’t want them there, (really!) but the image is a quiet one, and I thought it benefited from the deletion. I removed the bar to the right of the doors on the patio, also the flare created by shooting towards the lights on the Aldrich, then patched everything up. It’s not perfect, I can still see some things i would tweak, but I think it’s much better than how it started.

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