Before & After

(Straight out of camera above; edited version below)

There’s nothing too earth-shattering going on in this image of Katherine Quinn at The Fete Club in Providence, but I wanted point out the difference in a “straight out of camera” image and one that’s been touched up to be the best that it can be. The image straight out of camera is a well exposed image, a little cool color temperature-wise, but otherwise pretty good. I warmed up the white balance a bit in Lightroom, increased the black levels a bit, and cloned out a few imperfections in the red cloth that I found distracting. I added a touch of grain to give the image a little more depth – I felt as though it was sharp looking. (I don’t know how else to describe it, but the added grain takes that edge off a little bit)

So, what do you think? Do you like it, do you hate it?

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2 Responses to “Before & After”

  1. toviah says:

    i like it a lot! how do you correct your white balance in lightroom?

  2. brad says:

    In Lightroom, the very first selection in the basic panel is WB: Temp and Tint. Start with Temp, and slide Tint if need be, but usually Temp is all that’s needed.

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