Lighting Workshop: Success!

I co-hosted a lighting workshop in Providence last weekend, and I’m happy to say that was a big success!

We worked with 12 fantastic people who were all eager to learn and share. They traveled from as far away as New Hampshire for this workshop. We photographed 4 great models who sat through countless setups and lighting changes throughout the day. Lynda Williams and Jenn Hodge were behind the scenes doing a stellar job, as always, on hair and makeup.

The day started with a quick overview of the fundamentals, then we talked a bit about quality of light. I set up a shot live and in real time to illustrate how I go about lighting a scene. We broke off into groups after that;  everyone was able to try out new lighting setups, ask questions, and learn from each other at the same time. We took some time to look at a few images on the big screen, and we broke down each setup to try and determine how each image was lit. I’m truly blown away at some of the images these guys captured at the workshop!

It was a fun day – I think I was as tired as I am after weddings! Thanks to all the great people that helped made this happen: Seth, Jess Powers @ Fete, the models, Jenn, Lynda, and all the attendees that made their way to Fete for this workshop.

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