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Family Session

Friday, July 27th, 2012

Just a few images today from a recent family session. I had the privilege of photographing this family again a few weeks ago; it was their third time in three years. It’s so important to take pictures of your kids, do it yourself, but hire a professional to make sure you’re in pictures also!

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Caitlin & Dan: Engaged

Thursday, July 26th, 2012

I met Caitlin and Dan earlier this week in Walpole, MA to photograph their engagement session. They’re getting married later this year at Ocean Edge, on Cape Cod. I had a great time with them. I got to meet their three dogs; we were able to get all three dogs looking at the camera (as well as Cait & Dan!) for a ‘family’ picture. We then went to a picturesque city park for the rest of the session. I had a lot of fun – Caitlin and Dan are easy to be around and easy to photograph. It’s going to be a great wedding day! Thanks for having me up, guys!

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Sammi & Dave: Married, Spring Valley Country Club

Saturday, July 21st, 2012

I spent the second half of last weekend with another great couple, Sammi & Dave. They were married at Spring Valley Country Club on another stifling hot July day! Luckily, most of the day was spent enjoying the air conditioning provided by the club. When we arrived, I met Sammi while my second photographer, Trevor, photographed the guys getting ready next door. The ceremony was set against a huge wall of windows that looked out over the manicured golf course outside. After the ceremony, I documented two complete families, then portraits of just Sammi and Dave, then it was back inside for introductions and their first dance. After dinner, Trevor and I took Sammi and Dave back outside for some pictures in the fading light. On our way back inside, we saw the fire pits had been lit up, and I took one of my favorite shots of the day. Later on, after dinner and some dancing, Sammi and Dave retreated outside to mingle with their guests and enjoy a cigar. What a way to end a perfect day!

Finally, I’m always staying on the lookout for my future competition! He’s got that determination in his eyes, can’t you see it?

Thanks, Sammi and Dave, you guys were great! These are just some of my favorites from your day!

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Colleen & Marc: Married

Tuesday, July 17th, 2012

Colleen and Marc were married last weekend at St. Michael’s Church in Hudson, MA and held their reception at the DoubleTree Hotel in Westborough. Dave and I started our day at the hotel, where I photographed the ladies in the bridal suite while Dave photographed the men before heading over to the church. A short trolley ride over to St. Michael’s Church, where Colleen walked down the isle in front of her friends and family.

After the ceremony we headed back to the DoubleTree Hotel where guests enjoyed cocktails on the patio while we finished up formal pictures. Then it was inside to the ballroom for introductions, dinner, and dancing all night!

Colleen and Marc – you guys were great, thanks for having me along for the ride! Congratulations!

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Before & After

Saturday, July 14th, 2012

Here’s an image I took of Heather, a recent bride, as she prepared to walk down the isle a few weeks ago. I wanted to do a little show and tell to demonstrate what a good edit can do to take an image to the next level. Above – I photographed Heather putting final touches on before her wedding ceremony in fluorescent light, from above, one of the least flattering light sources around. It also happened to be in a somewhat busy looking youth area of the church where she was getting married. Additionally, it was in the basement, which meant no natural light. I wasn’t sold on using this image right off the bat, as a matter of fact, it almost hit the archive immediately, until I decided to start tweaking it a bit.

I started by converting to black and white, then I removed the distracting elements in the background one by one. I increased the exposure a little bit and added in a little warm color to warm it up a bit. After that had been done, I realized I now had a band-new image in front of me. What do you think? Is it better the way it started or the way it finished?

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Holly & Mike: Married, North Beach Clubhouse, Narragansett

Thursday, July 12th, 2012

I won’t be forgetting Holly and Mike’s wedding anniversary anytime soon. Their wedding date, 7/7/12, also happens to be the date my second son was born. I called Holly the day before her wedding to let her know that I was making arrangements to have another photographer stand in for me should I be tied up, as my wife was going into labor. Holly was great – her understanding of the situation was comforting – she said to do what I needed to do. I phoned my good friend, Dave Field, asking if he’d mind standing in for me should I not be able to be there – thankfully he was on board. My son Samuel was born at 5:30am that day. I did end up making it down to Holly and Mike’s wedding, even if my stay was a bit short due to lack of sleeping the night before and the need to get back to the hospital to be there for my wife and baby. I had Dave make the trip down to Narragansett to be certain I could still give Holly and Mike the images they wanted. Dave and Trevor finished the night out on my behalf; they did a wonderful job at capturing the fun that continued after my departure.

Holly and Mike are a great couple, completely giddy for each other! I had a ton of fun photographing their engagement session, so I knew their big day was going to be great! It was held at the North Beach Clubhouse, just north of Narragansett Beach. The day called for thunderstorms in the afternoon, but the clouds stayed wispy and the storms held off. The ceremony was right on the beach, overlooking crashing waves and a handful of surfers. We took advantage of the beautiful evening light for pictures, then Holly and Mike returned to mingle with their guests, enjoy cocktails and hors d’oeuvres, and dance the night away! They capped off the evening with fireworks and sparklers on the beach!

Thanks Holly and Mike, for having me there to help celebrate your big day, and also a big thanks to Dave and Trevor for helping me out!

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Ryan & Erik: Married, Misquamicut Golf Club, Watch Hill

Thursday, July 5th, 2012

Ryan and Erik were married last weekend at the Misquamicut Golf Club in Watch Hill, RI. It was a hot, steamy day in Westerly – but that didn’t stop Ryan and Erik from having a wonderful time!

I started my day with my second photographer, Dave Field at the Misquamicut Club where I hung around with Ryan and her bridesmaids while Dave spent his time with the guys getting ready. We were quickly off on the trolley to Watch Hill Chapel, a quaint seaside chapel in downtown Watch Hill. Afterwards, we stopped off at a nearby beach to take some pictures along the water, before heading back to the club for cocktails, dinner, and dancing.

Ryan and Erik met at Notre Dame in college, so the wedding featured both friends from far away, as well as little touches from their alma mater. Big Ray and the Kool Kats flew in from Virginia to play their music for the wedding – and kept everyone dancing through the entire evening!

Thanks, Ryan and Erik, for having me at your wedding! It was great!

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Happy Independence Day!

Wednesday, July 4th, 2012

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