Holly & Mike: Married, North Beach Clubhouse, Narragansett

I won’t be forgetting Holly and Mike’s wedding anniversary anytime soon. Their wedding date, 7/7/12, also happens to be the date my second son was born. I called Holly the day before her wedding to let her know that I was making arrangements to have another photographer stand in for me should I be tied up, as my wife was going into labor. Holly was great – her understanding of the situation was comforting – she said to do what I needed to do. I phoned my good friend, Dave Field, asking if he’d mind standing in for me should I not be able to be there – thankfully he was on board. My son Samuel was born at 5:30am that day. I did end up making it down to Holly and Mike’s wedding, even if my stay was a bit short due to lack of sleeping the night before and the need to get back to the hospital to be there for my wife and baby. I had Dave make the trip down to Narragansett to be certain I could still give Holly and Mike the images they wanted. Dave and Trevor finished the night out on my behalf; they did a wonderful job at capturing the fun that continued after my departure.

Holly and Mike are a great couple, completely giddy for each other! I had a ton of fun photographing their engagement session, so I knew their big day was going to be great! It was held at the North Beach Clubhouse, just north of Narragansett Beach. The day called for thunderstorms in the afternoon, but the clouds stayed wispy and the storms held off. The ceremony was right on the beach, overlooking crashing waves and a handful of surfers. We took advantage of the beautiful evening light for pictures, then Holly and Mike returned to mingle with their guests, enjoy cocktails and hors d’oeuvres, and dance the night away! They capped off the evening with fireworks and sparklers on the beach!

Thanks Holly and Mike, for having me there to help celebrate your big day, and also a big thanks to Dave and Trevor for helping me out!

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  1. Heather Schmutzler says:

    You guys did an amazing job capturing our best friends love for each other!!!!!

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