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Jennifer & Andrew: Married, Jamestown

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012

Jenn and Andrew were married a few weeks ago in Jamestown, Rhode Island. They were married outside a gorgeous old home that overlooks Narragansett Bay towards Newport. I started my day with Jenn as she got ready at her parents home a few minutes away. Andrew and the guys were dressing at the Bay Voyage downtown, which is where my second photographer, Dave met them.
The ceremony was wonderful, full of emotion and heartfelt vows. There was even a quick match of “Rock-Paper-Sciccors” to determine who would read their vows first. After the ceremony, guests enjoyed cocktails while we drove around the corner to Fort Weatherall for some pictures with the bridal party as well as just Jenn and Andrew. It was chilly out on the cliffs, but we moved quickly and we were back at Wetherledge in no time, where we finished up photographing the families and explored the property a little bit more.
The bride and groom were introduced into the tent out front where they had their first dance, then sat down for dinner, which was wonderfully prepared by the Shelter Harbor Inn. Soon, dancing begun and the dance floor filled up. It was a great day filled with fun and laughter!
Thanks Jenn and Andrew for having me – it was a blast!

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Katey & Darrin: Married Ocean Cliff, Newport

Friday, October 19th, 2012

Thanks to Dave Field for the next two pictures!

Below: Katey and Darrin peek out at their guests before being introduced.

Katey and Darrin were married a few weeks ago in Newport, RI. It was a bit of a drizzly day outside, but it turned out just fine and we made some great images despite the worry about the weather.

I started my day with Katey at the Ocean Cliff Hotel where she was getting ready with her bridesmaids, while my second shooter, Dave Field started with Darrin and the guys. We took the quick drive over to St. Joseph’s for the ceremony. Afterwards, we made our way to Salve Regina’s Ochre Court mansion, where we photographed the families and the bridal party. It was still raining, but we were able to make some really incredible photographs by backlighting the rain with a small flash. We made a quick stop off at a small pumpkin patch for a couple of really cool and unique images before heading over to Ocean Cliff for cocktails and the reception. Ocean Cliff is always a pleasure to photograph!

I had a blast – it was a wonderful day! Thanks for having me, Katey and Darrin!

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Liz & Eric: Married, Block Island Spring House

Friday, October 12th, 2012

If you’ve been to Block Island before, then you know, once you step off the ferry you feel like you’re in a whole other world. I think this is part of what made Elisabeth and Eric’s wedding day one of my favorites of this wedding season. The guests were 100% into the wedding celebration, with no babysitters to relive and no worries about driving late at night after having had a few drinks at the reception.

I started my day with Elisabeth at the beach house that her parents rent for a few weeks each summer. The girls were getting their hair and makeup finished as Elisabeth prepared to step into her wedding dress.We traveled back into town to St. Andrews for the ceremony, then headed back the beach house for pictures with family and the bridal party. Once we finished, Elisabeth and Eric walked down the beach for a few quintessential Block Island images before heading over to the Southeast Lighthouse for some more pictures. Some of the members of the bridal party painted the “Painted Rock” earlier in the day with well wishes for the bride and groom, so we made a quick stop there to see how that turned out. Once the island tour was over, we all headed back to the Spring House for the tail end of cocktail hour before introductions and their first dance.

After dinner, dancing started and didn’t stop until the last note of the last song was played. I haven’t been on a dance floor so packed in a very long time! After the reception ended, everyone was invited to head down to the Yellow Kitten for some more celebrating. I headed down for a few myself because, well, the last ferry had left hours prior and I had nowhere to be! Thanks Elisabeth and Eric for such a memorable wedding day! I had a blast celebrating with you both! These are just some of my favorites, more to come soon.

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Jackie & Jay: Engaged

Tuesday, October 9th, 2012

I met Jackie & Jay near Boston last week ago for their engagement session. It started as a rainy day, but the skies brightened as we worked our way through, and finally ended up being pretty nice as we finished out the session. We started with a few frames with their puppy, then explored the neighborhood and surrounding areas a bit. We hit some some fun spots that I’m sure I’ll never be back to shoot again. Did you know that the roof of the Somerville City Hall has unbeatable views of the Boston skyline? I do now!

Thanks Jackie & Jay for showing me around a bit last week! I’m looking forward to your wedding next year!

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Theresa & Christian: Married, Providence Westin Hotel

Thursday, October 4th, 2012

(Below) Fun Fact: I photographed the weddings of all three men facing the camera. It’s always fun when high school buddies get reunited at weddings.

Theresa and Christian were married a few weeks ago in Fall River, MA. I started my day with Theresa at her parent’s home a few minutes away from St. Mary’s Cathedral in Fall River. Theresa, her sisters, and parents were all getting ready as my second shooter, Dave Field, photographed Christian and the guys at the church.

The ceremony was held in one of the largest churches I have photographed, it was simply grand! (at times I was cursing my decision to leave my bag in the last pew, as it was a good walk back up to the front of the church!) After the ceremony, we headed into Providence for pictures at the RI State House. We had the place to ourselves, with the exception of the State Police Officer sitting at the front desk. We had some fun in the State Room, took some family formals in the Rotunda, then explored the hallways and common areas a bit before checking out and heading towards the Westin.

Theresa and Christian were able to enjoy some of their cocktail hour before being introduced into the reception. Once inside, they had their first dance and sat down for dinner. Rick from Arpeggio kept the dinner music comfortable before amping it up for dancing later on. Theresa and Christian pulled out all the stops, having a photobooth in one corner and an ice cream sundae bar in another! It was a great night – I enjoyed myself!

These are some of my favorites from the day, enjoy!

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