What’s Up With Facebook?

Facebook is a hugely popular website right now, and chances are good, you spend some time on the site just about every day. From my perspective it’s getting tough, as a photographer and someone who relies on networks like facebook to reach people who want to stay in the loop with what’s going on with my business. The website is starting to purposefully throttle back the amount of people that are shown my posts from my business page, as they roll out a new “pay to play” style of social networking. I’ve gone from almost 100% (everyone sees an update, unless of course, you’re logged off of Facebook for a few days) down to 10-15% of my “fans”. It no longer works in the way that it used to. It used to be that if you clicked “like” on my business page (or any other page you may follow), you would be alerted to new posts in your news feed, the same way that you might if say, your cousin posts a new picture of her puppy. That’s all changing, and even though you may have “liked” a business page in the past, and still currently want to receive updates from that business, Facebook is showing you less and less of what they (and I) want to share with you. Facebook is hoping that I will pay for each and every post that I do, based on the amount of people that I want to receive my updates. Paying for one or two posts wouldn’t be that big of a deal, but over the course of the year, it’s outrageous how much they want small businesses to fork over for “social” style sharing.

In the meantime, you may have noticed that they’re also showing you things in your newsfeed that you may not have ever “liked”, because some Facebook algorithm thinks that you might like it. The other day, in my feed, I was shown a tequila company, and they suggested I like it. I hate tequila! But I like hearing about local businesses, like Sweet Indulgence in Warwick who makes delicious chocolates and cakes, yet after a quick look on their page, I’m noticing I haven’t seen any of their recent updates in weeks. If I didn’t consciously think to visit their Facebook page, I wouldn’t ever have seen any updates from them.

What does that mean for you?

This means that you may be seeing less of my posts on Facebook. If logging into Facebook is the way you stay on top of what’s happening in my business, then you may just be falling out of touch with me and not even realize it. It spells bad news for me, because I do rely heavily on word-of-mouth marketing, and referrals from past clients. If you follow my work, I can only assume that you like my work, even just a little. (Thank you!) It would make sense, then, if you like my work (even just a little) you’d want to tell others that may need a photographer for a wedding, event, or portrait about me. (Thanks, again!) Unfortunately, as time goes by, and you see less and less my new work and updates, you may have a hard time remembering the name of that photographer you once knew.

Aside from waiting along with me for the next great social media network to come along, there are a few things you can do to see more of my (and other businesses’) work.

First, because Facebook is making it harder for you to see what businesses are up to, let’s connect elsewhere! Find me on Twitter at @smithbrad, or go direct to my blog (you’re on it!) and click the RSS logo to add my blog posts to your RSS reader. Not everyone reads blogs this way, but more and more people are jumping on board this quick way to stay on top of multiple blog feeds. Bookmark my page and/or blog. It’s an old-school way to stay in the loop. Let’s be friends on Facebook. As far as I know, Facebook isn’t throttling back personal posts… yet. Let’s connect there, I promise I won’t bombard you with a thousand pictures of my kids!

And finally, see the tips in the article below for configuring Facebook to show you more of what you really want to see.

I rely on social media and word of mouth referrals heavily to develop relationships with new wedding couples as well as corporate clients, and others who are looking to hire a photographer. I appreciate it every time you mention my name to someone else. It’s what keeps my business going! I’d hate to think I was passed over because of something like Facebook neglecting to show you any of my new work. So please find me in one of the other spots I mentioned above, or take the steps to modify the way you see pages on Facebook that you care about. I appreciate it immensely!

How to see more of the stuff you like on Facebook

1. Find a page you’ve “liked.” How about trying my facebook page?
2. Hover you mouse over the “Liked” button, or click the “Liked” button.
3. After clicking “Liked,” try hovering over it again.
4. Once you (finally) get a drop down menu, confirm “Show in News Feed” is selected.
5. Click “Get Notifications.”

In theory, this should put all more posts from the page back in your newsfeed.

Or not.

Hard to know, since the only way to test it is to keep visiting every page you’ve “liked” to compare their posts to your newsfeed. (Which no one has time to do. I understand.)

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2 Responses to “What’s Up With Facebook?”

  1. Tabea says:

    Brad – I can still see all of your posts on FB, just not in my regular news feed. For a while now all the pages I “like” are grouped together in a different news feed. I do have to click on it first (which I do, since there are a few other pages I follow), but I can see everything. Not sure if that helps……

    Thanks for posting – I always love looking at your work :-)

    Tabea (Ferguson)

  2. Hey Brad-

    Good writeup. I’ve noticed the same thing on my photography page since they’ve implemented the pay-to-play system. Obviously small local businesses are not their target market, and I think in the near future they’ll make it so useless that small businesses won’t want to bother spending the time to update their business page since only 2% of their fan base sees it.

    It’s too bad, as FB was an ideal platform to share images and create a buzz. Good luck as you try to move your following to different platforms. The free and easy access to hundreds or even thousands of fans seems to be over.

    As always, good work.

    Blueflash Photography

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