Lighting Workshop – A Success!

I co-hosted a lighting workshop last weekend in Wakefield, RI for photographers looking to take their lighting game to the next level. It was hosted by fellow wedding photographer, Seth Jacobson (pictured above) and myself. It was more on studio lighting this time, where the last few times hadn’t really even touched on studio lighting. We had a group of really wonderful photographers who produced some incredible images from our day together! I didn’t shoot many images myself, but I did take a few of each setup that I really ended up liking.

Thanks so much to our models, the hair and makeup artists Lynda Williams and Jenn Hodge! Thanks also to Trevor Holden and Matt Jacobsen for some behind the scenes photography andĀ assistanceĀ in setting up and breaking down the piles of gear we brought with us, as well as taking some participants under their wing as needed. Most of all, thank you to all of you who came out to learn and play with some new lighting techniques on Saturday!

This may not give you much of an idea of what the workshop was like, but this time lapse video is a good way to show you everything that went on during it.

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