Actor Headshots

I’ve been busy this winter, with no real “slow season” like I’ve seen in the past. That’s a good thing! I had weddings into January, and I’ve already got another behind me in March. A lot of the work, however, that I’ve been shooting has yet to see the light of day. That may make it look like I’m not working. That couldn’t be further from the reality! I’m wrapping up work on a project for the East Greenwich Animal Protection League on a series of portraits for a silent auction in April, working on getting my personal photography project off the ground, (which I’ll tell you more about soon) as well as a handful of commercial assignments that don’t produce (or allow) much to be blogged.

That being said, I’m happy to share with you some images I took of a great local actress and model last week. She was looking to update her portfolio a bit with a variety of new images. We met in South County and shot in studio first, then roamed around an old textile mill looking for some good light. I’m really happy with the images!

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